Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rest In Peace...

We just learned that a fellow blogger had passed away. I wanted to post a memorial to her as she will be so deeply missed.

Sharon was full of life. She commented on how she had received a liver transplant 11 years ago and was grateful for each one of those days.

When she became ill again, those of us who knew her attempted to be supportive on Jackie's blog and she acknowledged us whenever she could. Then she went missing. We never really knew who Sharon was other than her first name.

After a lot of searching, and based on little tidbits she had mentioned from time to time, we learned her last name and eventually "found" her (or I should say her husband). Don let us know that she was very ill, in the hospital and her prognosis wasn't good. This was back in Sept/Oct of 2008. We kept in touch with Don on occasion, getting updates... sent cards to Sharon and kept her in our prayers.

Yesterday another blogger friend received a phone call from Don that Sharon had passed away. We, who knew her, will be meeting over at Jackie's at 11:00a.m. today to pay tribute to Sharon, while at the same time her memorial service will be going on in Ohio.

I just felt it important to say to Sharon... Rest in Peace Dear Friend...You will bee missed.


Margo said...

What a lovely tribute.

Sharon will be forever missed. Rest in Peace.


Laurie said...

Very nice. Sharon will be in our hearts and will be another angel for us.

Rest in Peace, Sharon.

Cher said...

Thank you for passing this on, MEB.

The Texas Woman

joy n said...

Well said, Meb.

sizzie said...

I am so glad you wrote this Meb.

bindu said...

So sorry. Isn't it amazing how this blog world brings people close? I am sure she appreciated the love and thoughtfulness of her new friends while she was with us.