Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are Animals Psychic?

This has always fascinated me. I've seen strange things with my cats as well as my dogs all my life. They can tell you a storm is on it's way before you even know there's a chance of one, just by virtue of their actions. My buddy tries to climb into my skin (he's a scardy-cat.. uh dog) long before I know there's a problem.

Yesterday we had tornado warnings here in North Carolina. A couple I think even touched down in one of the counties north of where I live, leaving some destruction. And please, whoever is reading this, I certainly don't mean to infer that a little destruction is okay, as long as it isn't a lot. I'm sure the people who lived in the homes whose roofs were blown off, or those with a tree sitting on their car wouldn't call it "a little destruction". And my heart goes out to them.

But...I'm back to my fascination with animals who appear to be psychic. I was leaving for work at the club and stopped at the exit of our development which exits onto a rather busy highway. I happened to look across the road, and I saw what appeared to be a herd of deer (are they herds) running alongside the fence. You know, those fences they put on highways for whatever reason they put them there, cause if those deer wanted to jump it, they would... and have before.

I realized they were running from the storm that was approaching from the opposite direction. Now, we have storms all the time, and I've never seen deer trying to outrun them, but we don't have tornadoes often, and I truly believe these animals sensed danger and were fleeing from it.
Shortly thereafter, the news told us that in fact a tornado had touched down a ways from where the deer had been.

Are Animals Psychic... I'm saying absolutely. What's your take on this?


Cher said...

Yes, I think so too. I had a cat in Oakland that, by his actions, told me an earthquake was coming. I was too stupid to realize that was what he was saying until the bed started snaking across the floor!

The Texas Woman

sizzie said...

I can just see Buddy trying to find a safe place with you. : ) Yes, I think animals could tell us a lot if we would listen. I am not sure how they do it, though. One of our cats used to answer the phone before it rang.

Sydney said...

I think they definitely have senses we don't and that has to be half of it. I don't know if that would mean psychic but sensitive. But what about the dogs who are put with cardiac patients who can warn the owner (with trained behavior) that one is coming and to call 911? That may also be instinct.

But then there are cats who are allowed in old folks homes or hospices... and they climb onto the beds of the people who are going to die in a few days or hours and don't leave until they do. THAT is something unexplainable.

I wish I had seen those deer.

bindu said...

I think we haven't even scratched the surface when it comes to understanding animals. I truly believe that they have a sense of this world that is much superior to ours, and if we take the time to watch and learn from them, we will discover so much about our world. That's why it breaks my heart when I hear about animal hunts, and other form of cruelty to animals, because we really don't understand how they perceive it, and what damage we are doing.

On a lighter note, I have a cat that's scared of rain/storms too, and we can tell it's going to rain hours ahead of time! :)