Thursday, March 19, 2009


Just needed to let you know that I'm free of cancer. I had my colonoscopy on Monday and if a colon can be called clean, mine was. They showed me pictures they took during the procedure and they actually used the words: "You are cancer free!"

I'm not sure they would call me a cancer survivor, since you usually have to be free of this dreaded disease for five years before they use the word "survivor", but I am a survivor!!! I know they have to keep checking on me, but I don't have to go back for any procedures until a year from now.

The bad news is that during this whole mess, I lost a lot of weight (70 pounds). The good news is that I'm gorgeous! A few more wrinkles are showing, but they are a badge of survival! I'll wear them proudly.

My Oncologist said that my surgeon was very smart to have removed as much of my colon as he did (85%). He took out 23 lymph nodes, even tho it turned out only 2 were malignant. He said that by doing that, he made sure he got it all out during surgery and the chemo was definitely precautionary.

I was also fortunate that a foundation came to my rescue to help pay the majority of the doctors and other service providers for my co-pay portion of the bills. Just the chemo co-pay was almost a thousand dollars a MONTH. Five months/10 treatments ... you can do the math. There is no way I could have paid that. As it is, there is still $1000 that I owe my Oncologist that the foundation doesn't pay... But, thank God for these kinds of services which are available to us.

I hope my healing is encouraging to others who might be having similar circumstances. Just keep a positive attitude, no matter how difficult it may seem, and keep positive people around you to encourage you. I had so many family members and the best of friends who kept me "up" daily, and I had God who promised me my healing, and I believed Him! What a miracle I have received!

Don't tell GOD how big your storm is! Tell the storm how big your GOD is!


Jamie said...

I'm dropping by from The Texas Woman's blog to say hi and Congrats on being Cancer free!

bindu said...

Wow - that is wonderful news! I am so happy for you. I hope the cancer never comes back, and in five years you will put up a post saying you're a survivor by their definition too. It's now time to celebrate!

Sydney said...

Oh Marge, I knew this news but it is so exhilerating to see it in print -- and I'm sure it was to write it. Clearly your work as an inspiring (and humorous) angle on this earth is far from done. You inspire me, and I know that club is CROWDED!

meb said...

Jamie...thanks for stopping by.

bindu... I appreciate your comments and I'm in agreement with you that in five years I'll be posting again to say I'm still a survivor!

Sydney... you are one of the people who lifted me up during this period of time. You are surely a member of the Club you mention!

Laurie said...

Well, meb, we know prayer works, don't we? As Sydney said, we knew it already but it's so nice to read it again and see you witness the miracle of healing and the support of the foundation and friends.

You are such an inspiration with your faith and your humor and your way of keeping your feet on the ground with your head in the clouds. I love you dearly!

Kate said...

Congratulations, that's great news. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your comment about letting the storm know how big your God is.

Donna in AL said...

You are certainly a survivor! You are an inspiration to all out here and you give all the glory to God!

This group of friends have shown me how much love is here for all of us and how much prayer truly works!

I hope you and your family are still celebrating the good news!

ewww my WV is "dume dead"

Cher said...

I told my husband I wouldn't read blogs for several days but oh, my little Mebbie, I just had to jump over and read yours and tell you how happy I am for you! This is such wonderful news! Your sharing of this news and your story is inspiring to others, especially to my sister and me! Congratulations!

The Texas Woman

meb said...

Sydney, the club I mention is not the club you were talking about. I read your post again and my response made me sound conceited. I probably am, but not in this respect.

Laurie... you're one of the members of my club too. Always there lifting me up. Love you too.

Kate... I'm a firm believer that God is my Source and no mountain or storm can hinder Him!

donna... Thanks... I'm sure we'll be celebrating for a long time.

Cher... I truly hope this IS an encouragement to you and your sister. When we are faced with these types of trials in our lives, we need to know that good things can and will happen. God is Good! Thanks for coming out of "no blog land" to comment. I really wanted to hear from you!

Becky said...

Marge, you ARE a Survivor! That is from another survivor. I am very proud to say I "know" you. I like your advice to other's who may find themselves in this club that no one wants to become a member. You gave some good suggestions. The only one I would add is, fight like this is the most important one of your life. Lean on God, your positive friends and refuse to say "uncle".

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I happy for you! Way to go!