Monday, October 27, 2008


The facts in this clip (assuming they are true facts) are astounding... worth taking the time to review.


Donna in AL said...

Scary, huh?

meb said...

donna in al... you bet it is.

joy n said...

That was VERY scary to watch. Forty or so years ago, when computers were fairly new in business, I remember hearing that someday they would control the world. I'm not as skeptical of that statement as I once was.

And if our slightly jaded U.S.A. doesn't do something soon to improve the educational opportunities in this land for ALL of its peoples, China or India or Japan will quickly become "The Greatest Country" in the world.

We should all be very frightened of the mentioned statistics.

Donna in AL said...

If you have ever watched The Terminator, I can totally see that happening. Computers now can react and do amazing things without the aid of someone imputting more information.