Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tina ... Must be from Texas

Got this in an email from a friend...

Daughter: My friends and I want to go out tonight.

Mother : Where are ya'll going ?

Daughter: To the cowboy bar on the edge of town.

Mother : I don't think you should. There's been a lot of trouble at that place. I heard there was a fight there last weekend, and several people got hurt.

Daughter : But mom!! Please!! It'll be okay.

Mother: No!! Your life is more important than going out!

Daughter : But "Tina" is going with us...

Mother: Oh Well! In that case, it should be okay.. Ya'll have fun!


Cher said...

Oh, sweet Tina. That gal could pick up any cowboy she wanted...LITERALLY!

The Texas Woman

Donna in AL said...

I started to say that when I sent this to you about Texas but was afraid the Texans would be on me like stink on sh*t!!