Friday, January 16, 2009

Funny (or Not) Restaurant Happenings!

One's I have either seen or read about:

Sitting in a relatively up-scale restaurant, the waiter had brought out a beautifully arranged dessert tray to the table. When one of the ladies saw the tray, she burst out with "Get behind me Satan!!!"

At a fast food restaurant, while sitting in a booth enjoying our meal a huge cockroach crawled up the wall by the side of our booth. One of the patrons actually flung their cheeseburger against the wall. Splat! ... causing the cockroach to fall on the table! Everyone scurried to get out of the booth! Embarrassing to admit we were all screaming. Needless to say, the meal was free. Some of the other patrons took advantage of the situation.

Waiting for an order at a different fast food restaurant, one of the kids working there came running out of the back storage room yelling "The rats got into the buns again!"

Leave a comment and tell us: What's the funniest restaurant encounter you've ever had.


Sydney said...

Wish I had one... will have to come back and read everyone else's instead!

meb said...

Well obviously no one else has one either, or else no one is coming over to read my blog... boohoo! Thanks for being faithful Sydney.

bindu said...

I can't remember anything this interesting! Though I've heard of friends finding cockroaches and (human) hair balls in the food from restaurants I've eaten in.

Anonymous said...

This was my Friday night dinner experience:

A friend and I check out a Cuban restaurant - heard it was good and we have a buy one entree, get one 1/2 off coupon.

We both order breaded shrimp meals.

When it comes out, the shrimp isn't breaded, and its in a tomato sauce that I don't recall on the item we ordered.

We ask - she tells us we got the wrong thing - new shrimp dish on the way.

To make up for it, we each get a mojito on the house. And, she tells us to munch on the order we did get in the mean time.

Well, by the time our real meal comes, we've eaten 1/2 the wrong meal, and are each well into our mojitos.

We are embarrassed after a couple shrimp that we have to ask for boxes. AND - we still use our coupon. (after a long discussion on if we should or not!)

On a good note, we will be back again...the food and drinks were GREAT!

Donna in AL said...

Okay MEB, I had to get my son to help me remember one. There has been many but CRS (can't remember sh*t)kicked in.
We went to a nice Italian resturant one time. They had a lit candle in a squatty glass container on the table. They bring a basket with bread on a napkin in it to munch on while your order is being prepared. The napkin was fluffed up and hanging over the edge of the basket. I think you can guess what happened. They set the basket too close to the candle and the napkin caught on fire! Thank goodness they had brought us glasses of water too!

Oh how funny, my WV is drown!