Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Animal Rescue Site

I can't figure out how to link this to the sidebar, so I'll do it this way for now and see what happens... Please click it everyday anytime you see it somewhere... Thanks.


Sydney said...


I think to list it on your side bar you go to dash, then to the "customize" bar at the top, then you'll see add a webite or a widget or something like that. There will be a place you can put in the url for the icon. I am impressed you got it to load within the post. But I fooled with the stuff I mentioned above and got it to load on mine.... then I moved it up high under my "follow" list by clicking and dragging it into place. The other items shuffled down into place below it. Then I saved those changes. Voial!

(or something like that)

Sydney said...

Just stopping by to click it again, lol!cterac

bindu said...

Happy new year, Meb! I've clicked too.

sizzie said...

Thanks for posting this,meb. It is easy to stop by, say hi to you, and click. Pretty cat photo there today.