Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've been doing very well with my chemo treatments as most of you know. No illness, eat what I want, no hair loss... and I attribute it mostly to the fact that having opened our nutrition club, the daily shake (full of protien), the Herbal green tea (lots of energy) and the aloe vera shot (soothes the tummy), plus taking all the supplements I need, has been the force in keeping me well during these treatments.

And then there was Monday, when I went for my 7th treatment of 12, and my blood counts were low... Not much, they would have given me the treatment if the white blood count had been 1.0, but it was a .08, so no treatment.

I have been so glad that I haven't had to take that Neulasta shot that everybody else has been getting at the end of each treatment. It's the shot that they give when your blood count is low. My counts have always been high.

So, a new kind of reaction to the Chemo has now put me in the Neulasta shot category. I tried to negotiate with the doctor since they first gave me a "brother" shot called Neuporin (sp). It's a smaller shot, but gives your blood counts a quick boost. I had to have that on Monday and Tuesday and on Wednesday my counts were sky high so I could do the chemo that Wednesday. I'm currently on the pump that I wear when I leave the clinic on Wednesday and I return on Friday to have it removed when it's empty. That takes the full Wednesday, Thursday and part of Friday.

But Wednesday, as I mentioned, I tried to negotiate to not have to take the Neulasta shot tomorrow, after all, my counts are very high. Don't you just love doctors who have a "good" reason why you must do what they say...but I have to admit his reasoning was logical. It's the holidays, they'll be closed a lot, I don't go back for three weeks (usually it's every two weeks), if I get sick during this time and they are closed, I will have to go to the hospital, so there ya go... I'll take the shot... but I'm going to negotiate the next one!

He was funny when he was telling me all this. Wanted to know why I was so upset at having to take the shot. I explained that I wanted to be able to get through the whole 12 treatments without having to take the shot. He said, "but you're doing so well" and I said, "but it makes you sick", he said, "No it doesn't, it causes your bones to hurt, take Tylenol". We both laughed and while I didn't know what he meant that your bones hurt when he told me that, but the second Neuprin shot caused a reaction on Wednesday morning and I was bent over like a 110 year old... the pain was unbelievable, a pulsating pain down my back from top to bottom of my spine. I almost crawled to the Tylenol, but it took about 10 minutes and the pain was gone. I'm keeping the Tylenol very close by though...that was something I didn't want to go through again. Then the nurse has to tell me that the Neulasta shot (a $5,000 shot) is worse. I told her, not for me... I'm having no reaction to it, so there!

I'll be back to my Monday thru Wednesday routine for the next 5 treatments and that's good, cause this has caused me to lose a day at work. I'm working today, Chemo pump and all, but that's no big thing either, cause if I wasn't here working, I'd be at the club working. I think this job is easier, sit all day, watch TV, play games on computer, talk to people, and write in my blog. Also read Jackies blog, and everybody elses. Lots of time. Great job and I get paid for it.

Holidays are almost upon us! Enjoy the time with family and friends. I know I will!


bindu said...

Meb - I didn't know you were going through this! But it sounds like you are doing wonderfully well, and I am so glad. You have one more person rooting for you to get through those 12 rounds of chemo with minimum discomfort. :)

Also, I'm glad you are writing your Book of Memories. I think this should be mandatory for everyone to do. :) I'm certain that your grandkids and their kids will treasure the stories. If you feel like it, do share some with us as well.

Take care and I'm keeping you in my thoughts. :)

sizzie said...

Thanks for letting us know how things are going. As I said earlier, You are a remarkable woman.

meb said...

Thanks bindu... When I first discovered I had to go in for surgery where 85% of my colon was removed.. 23 lymp nodes, 2 were malignant... They got it all, but chemo is, of course,pecautionary. Anyway, the outpouring of well wishers from these guys on Jackies Blog was a miracle healing in itself.

I will share some of the stories from my memories, but it'll probably be a lot later on. I'm barely on the first typed page and I think I've gotten to 11 months old. LOL

Sizzie... you're such a nice person... always saying such good things to build me up... and it works. Smile and thanks.

Cher said...

Meb, thanks for visiting and reading Shuffle. I've enjoyed putting it on my blog.

I'm so glad you shared YOUR story today. My sister has been fighting ovarian cancer for more than eleven years. It's currently in her lungs. She figures she has a real good life in spite of it so she just treats it like any other chronic disease. I do think attitude is very important and you seem to have the same, good attitude she has.

Sis lives in Denver and goes to Houston at MDAndersen for the doctor who leads her treatment. She takes chemo at home but she did stay in Houston for six weeks for her radiation treatment.

So keep up your good work. Go where the BEST doctors are, even if it's inconvient. And stay involved in the things you love - like you're already doing!

The Texas Woman

meb said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Cher and for telling me about your sister who has been a survivor for 11 years. That is wonderful news to hear.

I can't take the time to be all worried over just another mountain to climb... I've got too much to do. So I just say to this mountain, "MOVE!...GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

Looking forward to your Chapter 6.

Laurie said...

"Hey mountain, Get out of my way!!"

I am stealing that phrase, my friend. It's a fabulous way to look at that thing that gets in the way, whatever it is.

I just love that we have met online and we can share our thoughts and feelings with each other. You are such a blessing.

Cher said...

I'm sending your mountain motto to my sis. Being from Colorado AND having a mountain to move herself, she'll doubly appreciate it!

By the way, our dogs sleep with us also. We probably smell like dogs ourselves because I DON'T change the top cover twice a week like you do! But so far no one's mentioned it to us. We've got polite friends, I guess!

The Texas Woman

meb said...

Thanks Laurie... it sure says it like it is.

Cher... too funny... I'm sure your dogs smell good, thus you do too. My dog has an odor I cannot ignore and he hates water. I've tried everything else...doesn't work. Guess I'll keep washing sheets.