Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Sydney has tagged me. It's probably a lot of fun, so even tho it's something new to me, I'll try to make it interesting as I answer these questions.

1. Clothes Shop
When I was younger, I was a clothes fanatic. Even after I was married, every dollar I earned basically went to buy clothes. Today it's a little different. I'm not as enamored with my appearance as I used to be. I should be tho, who says just cause you get old that you can't still look good. Yeah... I'm going clothes shopping now. Well, maybe when I finish here. Stein Mart, look out!

2. Furniture Shop
My furniture shopping days are over. I'm an eclectic shopper tho. Didn't matter if it fit in, as long as I liked it. I once had a huge leopard chair that had nothing to do with my living room, but I liked it so I bought it. Luckily my furniture was all white, so it didn't clash horribly. Or so I told myself. My inlaws frowned every time they walked into the room. That's ok, I didn't like them anyway. (I guess that wasn't part of the question was it).

3. Sweet
Not a real sweet eater. Don't like ice cream. Do like apple turnovers.

4. City
If I had a choice, I'd be living in San Diego. Visiting there was wonderful. Probably couldn't afford it, but it's so beautiful, and of course the weather is my idea of living high!

5. Drink
Used to love Grand Marnier (sp). Not a drinker anymore. Quit drinking alcohol when my granddaughter was born... that would be 24 years ago. Turned into a grandmother instead of a party girl (yes I was still partying at 47 years old.)

6. Music
You name it I love it (except jazz...just never could get into the heavy jazz). Having been on stage in musicals most of my life, that kind of music is my favorite. But I love it all, gospel, rock, classical...all of it. Did I tell you I played to 8,000 people as Dolly in Hello, Dolly; Vera in Mame; and Miss Hannigan in Annie. There were so many other shows I did, but these were my favorites because I had the lead. Oh my, I'm so full of myself.

7. TV Series
Too, too many to mention. I've become a reality junkie which is how I happen to be answering all these questions. I've met so many great people having started to blog over at Jackie's and that's how I met Sydney. In addition to reality shows tho, I'm into shows like Criminal Minds, Prison Break, Lost...any that get my brain working to solve the crimes before its obvious.

8. Film
Pretty much anything that Hitchcock did. He really kept me in suspense. Still love to go back and watch his films. Love anything that Jodie Foster does. A Moment In Time with Christopher Reeve. The General's Daughter with John Travolta, and of course Starman! Again, too many to mention.

9. Workout
My mouth is the only thing that gets a workout from me. Hate exercise...I don't even like to walk. I do the treadmill (as little as possible), because I have to.

10. Pastries
They look great, but never taste as good as they look.

11. Coffee
Never was much of a coffee drinker. More so as I got older, but nothing fancy. Plain old coffee with heavy cream and a little sweetner. Have never been to Starbucks. Once bought coffee at Barnes and Noble as I waited for someone to arrive. Hmmmm... I sound so boring.

So, I guess I need to tag some people too, Sassy and Silver (Laurie), and Just Letting You Know (donna in al) you're both it!


joy n said...

Meb, I had no idea that you were an actress. Another amazing fact I've learned about you.

Sydney said...

WOw Meb -- I loved learning so much more about you. This tagging stuff isn't so bad after all!

I was thrilled to hear about your acting and partying, clothes horse and leopard furniture buying sides!!!

And I love Hitchcock Starman too! I knew we had a lot in common!

bindu said...

When you say you played to an audience - what do you mean? I'd love to know more about what you did on stage, so do give us more details! If there is one thing I CANNOT do, it'd be to go up in front of people and act. I could possibly talk about something I am passionate about, but I have stage fright in general, so I'm in awe! :)

meb said...

bindu, I'll answer your question here. I was pretty much in community theatre for years. We had a lot of talent in our town (Dover, Delaware). We did most of our productions at the highschool which had all the lighting and sound we needed. It was a 1,000 seat auditorium and we always did the shows two 4 days weekends and to a sold out audience each night.

That's why I said I played to 8,000. I did, just in 8 different performances each production.

The guy who did our sets is the same person who designed the new Delaware State quarter.

We had people come from New York to see our plays because of the quality we were able to bring to the stage.

While I have a "nice" voice, I was at my best "belting out a song". Thus how I got the leads in the three shows I mentioned.

I ultimately stopped acting and started directing for about the last 20 years. Not doing any of that now either.

Just the memories.

Thanks for asking.

bindu said...

They must be fantastic memories though!! What a fun life - to be involved in so much creative work all along. Since, as I said before, I cannot act to save my life, I am very impressed with those who can, and looks like your productions were musicals as well! How awesome. Would've been nice to attend and watch these performances. Thanks for sharing! :)

lynn1 said...

meb, I am just now getting around to reading some of the tagged blogs.

I found it interesting to hear of your theater experience. I can't carry a tune so I never did any musicals but I was very active in theater in my college days. I was more of a character actor than a leading lady.

I also wrote some plays, one of which was performed in Atlanta GA by a very small group. I never got to see it performed but it was an honor to know that people were willing to use my modest work.

I hope Nick and Starr keep doing well in TAR. They seem like a strong team.

lynn1 said...

Happy Birthday meb! Hope it is as special and wonderful as you are.

PDX Granny said...

How great it is that theater was such a big part of your life! Were you able to actually make a living of it, or was it something you did on the side?

My daughter has a degree in technical theater. Although she was interested in acting, and did well with the little she did, her schedule never permitted her to pursue it in school. In high school she was on the dance team for all 4 years. The big competitions they had always conflicted with the plays. Since dance was her first love, she settled for theater classes and helping out backstage for the plays. When she got to college all the plays had very small casts so she never even bothered to audition. Her part time job was working as a techie for the theater department. She loved it! She got on the job training for the field she wanted to go into.

However, some plans are not meant to be. When she graduated, she came home with not only a degree in tech theater, but also a baby on the way. That threw a bit of a wrench in the works and changed her life in a huge way. She would never trade him for all the theater jobs in the world, and don't think she's ever looked back with regret, but the path she's taken is not what she planned.

She's been able to some work for some local theater companies - stage manager, propmaster and lights, but those jobs are hard to do with a full time job and a kid. Her dream now is to go back to school for her masters in fine arts and certificate for education. She wants to go back to her high school and teach in the theater department.

OMG, here I am rambling again! I need to learn how to use fewer words!!!

My WF is snorylve. I sincerely hope my story has not made anyone get all snory!