Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Cancer is so limited...

It Cannot Cripple Love,
It Cannot Shatter Hope,
It Cannot Corrode Faith,
It Cannot Destroy Peace,
It Cannot Kill Friendship,
It Cannot Suppress Memories,
It Cannot Silence Courage,
It Cannot Invade The Soul,
It Cannot Steal Eternal Life,
It Cannot Conquer The Spirit!


Jennasmom said...

I love that! My mom was diagnosed two years ago with what they believed was pancreatic cancer. They wanted to send her to Baltimore for whipple surgery, telling us that few people even survive the surgery. They told us if we were lucky she would have a few months. I truly believe that all the prayers that were said for her helped. It turned out to be a very rare pancreatic lymphoma. Very rare, but one of the few cancers they will use the word "cure" with. She has now been cancer-free for a year and a half & the oncologist says it should never return. God is good!


meb said...

Praise God jennasmom for your mother's prognosis that the cancer won't return. That is the best news one can get.

I appreciate your leaving your comment. It's encouraging to others.

Sydney said...

I LOVE this Meb, Did you write it? Is that a silly question?

meb said...

No Sydney... I didn't write it. Wish I had. Where I go for Lab work had it posted and I asked them for one. I liked it too.