Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have chosen to take the easy way out and leave the second part time job. I found that it was more difficult than I expected (visiting stores and making sure the product was on the shelves, and if not, getting it on the shelves like heavy liquid detergents, etc.) and I think it was causing some anxiety problems that I surely didn't need. My health is more important than a job.

And anxiety is not my bag! In the norm, I'm not the type to let things bother me. I can be upset over an issue and it's over in short order, including an argument. I just don't carry a grudge and if I feel something isn't important to me, I don't remember it. That's why I was never good at trivia games. But I couldn't seem to accept this new position. As much as I tried to ignore my feelings, it kept bothering me. I finally decided I just couldn't do it anymore. I'm not a quitter, so it was difficult to call my boss and tell her I had to stop. She was understanding though, so that helped a little.

So, I'm back to one part time job, and it's the easy one... I watch TV, play games on computer, type on Jackie's Blog, and write new posts here on my own blog. Yes, this is the type of retirement job everybody wants.

I do try to get up and walk around a bit, so I'm not sitting all the time. Don't need any knee problems ... just ask Jackie.

Thanks for the visit ... leave a post ... love to read your comments.


Sydney said...

Hi Meb-

sorry I didn't comment earlier... I have been busy between keeping up Jackie's blog and the one Laurie started since they're away. You're invited to add that one to your daily visit list too! Our comments help others comment and that just keeps it going.

Well, I think you signed up for this second job to fill time that you had too much of after being a caregiver for so long... is that right? So now, you are feeling perhaps over that hump and happy to have one. If so, it served it's purpose.

The other thing is, don't forget there are more part time jobs out there that might be better suited, in case you get the hankering again.

For now, sounds like you are happy where you are, and that's really the best feeling!


Donna in AL said...

Thank you for the recap of Criminal Minds Season Finale! I don't think I have it TiVoed at my friend's house. I thought Lost was a new episode last night and had my son set up the VCR to record it instead of CM. Boy, was I off!

I will check with the network website and hopefully they show full episodes. If not, I will set the TiVo (friend's house) to record the reruns once they begin. I missed a couple of the other ones too.

I thought your comment to Sydney was funny on Julie Chen's outfits and no taste. I am with you, if you're not wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, you are dressed up! ha ha Just kidding, I'm not quite that bad but I dress comfortably.

I enjoy chatting with you, MEB!