Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Heat - What's that!

What a time for my heater to act up. We've had 29 degree weather for the last two nights and us with no heat. I live with my daughter and three grandchildren, and they occupy the top two floors of our tri-plex (is that a word) home. I live down on the first level and love the fact that I can have that privacy...but, when we have no heat (and this is a first for this house) my kids have access to the oven to at least take the chill off, but I can't take advantage of that. My privacy includes a door which I keep closed due to my having a dog and they have cats and never the two shall meet. I couldn't find anyone to come for a repair until two days later, so it was a little cold to say the I pulled out two electric blankets. I sat and watched TV with one over me in my recliner and the other went on the bed for sleeping. It probably worked better than their oven! Well except for my 70 pound dog who thinks he's a lap dog. He had to get under the blanket with me. That was especially fun.

Hope everyone is warm and toasty this wintry day!

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Sydney said...

Hey Meb-

For the heck of it I clicked on your blue name and saw you started a blog! I really like the idea that those of us who've gotten to know each other, and the others on Jackie's blog would keep little personal blogs and check in on them. It's so fun to get a comment!

I know a few ppl have read the few things i've posted, and one or two have left a comment but it doesn't get any momentum... doesn't help that I don't write there much. But i would if ppl were checking I guess.

I keep a journal of my own, have for over 40 years, and so if I get time, that's where it goes. And I wrestled with what do you put out there about yourself to the public, that issue, but I still tried putting something out there.

Anywyay, maybe we can get that going! I loved reading about your heater/dog/triplex, and will look forward to more!